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Global Bites

Discover the best food, music, and culture the world has to offer.

Longevity Noodles

Long noodles mean long life, which is why this stir-fried noodle dish is a Lunar New Year staple! Prep: 10 minsCook: 10 minsTotal: 20 minsServes: 6 Ingredients Preparation

Print Your Own Dreidel

Dreidel is more than just a fun game to play during Hanukkah. It’s a cultural tradition made specifically for this special occasion! When you read all the characters on the dreidel together, they spell out “nes gadol hayah sham” or “a great miracle happened there”. This references the oil in the menorah that burned for […]


Swedish Meatballs

Move over IKEA, we got this one! Prep: 30 minsCook: 20 minsTotal: 50 minsYield: 24 meatballs Ingredients Meatballs Gravy Garnish Preparation Make the Meatballs Make the Gravy

Danish Egg Cake

Make it a Scandinavian breakfast with this frittata made with eggs, potatoes, and loads of bacon! Prep: 10 minsCook: 30 minsTotal: 40 minsServes: 4 Ingredients Preparation

Brunsviger Coffee Cake

If there’s one thing the Danes are serious about, it’s baking—and this coffee cake is proof of that! This yeasted confection is like a cross between a cake and breakfast bread, and the sticky vanilla caramel topping makes it impossible to eat just one piece. Prep: 1 hourCook: 12 minsTotal: 1 hour 12 minServes: 8 […]

Danish Pork Stew

When the bitter cold of the north sets in, the Danes warm up with a hot bowl of mørbradgryde! Warm, creamy, and full of bacony goodness, this stick-to-your-ribs Danish soul food is sure to make you feel all warm and cozy no matter how cold it is outside. Prep: 10 minsCook: 50 minsTotal: 1 hourServes: […]