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April 2024

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuanian adventures await!

"Pergale Milk Chocolate with Cookie Filling"

Pergale Milk Chocolate with Cookie Filling

2nd Best:
Grandma's Legendary Wafer Cake

Grandma's Legendary Wafer Cake

Lentil Snack Maple Bacon

Lentil Snack Maple Bacon

Explore Baltics


March 2024

They took the long way out of Europe, just for you!


Blackcurrant Crostata

2nd Best:
Condensed Milk Cake

Condensed Milk Cream Cake

Adjika Bread Chips

Adjika Rye Chips

Explore Ukraine


February 2024

Get ready to fall in love with French Yums!


Chocolate Cookie Truffles

2nd Best:
Pure Butter Sables

Pure Butter Sables

Goat Cheese & Pepper Chips

Goat cheese & chili chips

France Yum Yum Box
Explore France


January 2024

Tons of gingerbread, candies, and snacks to "polish" off!

Monster Munch

Monster Munch

2nd Best:
Short Biscuits with Lemon Cream Filling

Lemon Cream Cookies

Salt and Butter Potato Chip

Butter & Salt Chips

Poland Yum Yum Box
Explore Poland

Holidays Everywhere

December 2023

A holiday adventure around the world awaits!


Raspberry Macaron Chocolate Truffles

2nd Best:

Sweet Milk Fudge


Salted Egg Yolk Popcorn

Explore Holidays Everywhere


November 2023

Embark on a voyage of flavor in Scandinavia!


Chocolatey Cookie Dough Balls

2nd Best:

Rum Icing Coated Cookies


Gingerbread Toffee

Scandinavia 2023 YY Fanout
Explore Scandinavia

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Glendee Coconut Chips Chocolate

You've got to try the
Glendee Coconut Chips Chocolate!

Take me to Thailand

Some of our fondest travel memories...

Photo of South Korea Super Yum Box
South Korea
Photo of Turkey Super Yum Box
Photo of Spain Super Yum Box

What our customers have to say...

Fun trivia and tasty snacks

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by James on September 22, 2023

I’ve enjoyed this subscription immensely! I share it with my family, and it’s always a good time, even when some of the snacks aren’t to our tastes.

A Family Affair

Yum Yum Box (Annual)

Reviewed by Iasha on September 26, 2023

My kids love seeing that blue and white box in the mail. I always make them wait until the weekend so the four of us (Mom, Dad, kids) can open it together. We have a system: My eldest daughter, 9, reads aloud (and sometimes sings!) about the snack from the booklet, my other daughter, 6, finds the snack, I record their ratings on the chart and their dad just eats and critiques. After the snacks are done, I give them the trivia questions from the booklet and put the rating card and stickers in my planner. Yes, it’s an event. I love that it’s a fun way to learn about different countries. Plus, there is always a snack we love.
I wish there was an economical way to purchase several boxes for a school club. I teach middle school and it would be fun to create a club about countries around the world and have the snacks once a month.

The worlds best snacks (really!)

Cinnamon Sugur Churros

A cinn-sation!

Tomato & Oregano Bruschetta Bites

Like a margherita pizza!

Chocolatey Mochi With Peanut Cream

For peanut-chocolate addicts!

Salted Egg Yolk Popcorn


Devil Chili Potato Chips

“Ouch!” (said everyone who ever ate these)

A complete travel guide in every box

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Every snack has a story …and a history!

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Wait...putting together these boxes is actually someone's job?

Yes! What started with a boyfriend and girlfriend packing boxes in an apartment, is now a whole team of fantastic people's jobs! And all of us want this for you: try something you've never tried before, then say YUM!

(Here's our son…who came 9 years after we started Universal Yums, saying YUM to Korea's Choco Pie)

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