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Unable to Cancel!

Yum Yum Box (Annual)

Reviewed by Kelly on February 21, 2024

Beware if you want to cancel, they still take money out of your account!!! Was billed for a whole year’s subscription and when they finally acknowledged that I canceled, I had to pay fir another crummy year of this junk.

Reply from Universal Yums

Hi Kelly! We are so sorry that you did not receive the response from our customer support team back in December. They were able to cancel the renewal for you and provided you with a refund!

So fun

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Ariel on February 15, 2024

We got our first box today and it was a lot of fun especially for the kiddos adults enjoyed it to the different flavors and tastes were awesome!


Super Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Stephen on February 15, 2024

This is exactly what I have been looking for just got my first box and it was France and it was amazing!! Some very interesting flavors but really fun

Love it!

Super Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Aleksandrya on February 15, 2024

I ordered my first box and got it so fast! It came an extra three days early and I was beyond excited. I loved the emails I got leading up to my box getting here, it feed my excitement. I can not wait for my future boxes!

Fantastic box

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Brandon on February 15, 2024

I got the France box and it was the GREATEST thing ever. I like how you get a small book about the snacks and about where they came from. My favorite snack is the gralic chips.

First time buyer!

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Daria on February 15, 2024

My niece introduced me to Universal Yums with her box from Poland. I just received my first box, from France! I have to say, everything in the box is fresh, very yummy and a different from the norm of the grocery store. So glad I ordered!

Fun concept

Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Jolie on February 15, 2024

Great idea but lacks follow through. Received the first box as expected. Every other box said it was delivered but not received. Cancelled subscription because of this. Hopefully the delivery part gets figured out for others because it’s a really cool idea.

Reply from Universal Yums

We are so sorry to hear that you did not receive your box. We see you reached out to our support team for assistance with this and were offered a replacement. Our team is waiting to hear back from you about which box you would like to receive. Please let them know and they can work to get your replacement sent!

Family Fun

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Tracie on February 15, 2024

My partner, his two daughters (11 and 14) myself, and if any of their older brothers or friends are over, they join in too, and we all have so much fun with these boxes. The girls insist we all try each item, at the same time, and take the first bite on the count of 3. Some of the snacks that sound like they would be awful, are surprisingly delicious and others that you’d think would be tasty are weird. It’s fun to watch everyone’s faces as we try to decide if we like egg flavored popcorn or some other odd (to us) flavored treat. It’s a good source of family time and we all get excited when there is a new box on the porch. Some items are big hits others are crazy misses. But the whole process of the box is just a lot of fun. If you’re on the fence… give it a try for a couple of months. It’s worth it!

Fun and a great idea

Super Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Richard on February 6, 2024

This is super fun to do as a family. I see some reviews of people complaining about not liking some of the food they received. remember these are snacks from around the world that they enjoy in thier home land not yours so yes I would imagine you might not enjoy some things. With that being said keep an open mind and try new things and keep it fun 🙂

Great fun for my homeschool family!

Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Christine on February 6, 2024

This is such a novel idea! The snacks are usually very easy to divide between our large family and the emails come with movie ideas and recipes!!
I homeschool and this is perfect for us to explore a different country every month. We even use the recipes to get an even better feel of the country!
Thank you for providing this experience!


Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Hannah on February 6, 2024

Date night was non existent for my husband and myself. With two kids and full time jobs, we are so busy. I got this box so we could have a new experience after the kids were asleep and it was the best. Now we can have a special night once, a month, to travel all over the world. I highly recommend this if you need a date night idea, or just want to explore treats from other cultures. We love it!

Great for family time

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Amber on February 6, 2024

We’ve been doing this for about 6 months now. My boys are 14 and 18 and they love when it’s time to open the box. We just had extended family over for a birthday party and we waited til th esparto to open the box since there’s so much to share. They loved it too and are now going to come over once a month to enjoy the box with us. I will always recommend this!

First box

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Christa on February 6, 2024

This is a fun thing to do. I picked Poland for my first box. I would give the lemon cookies 5 stars and the salt and butter potato chips 1 star. I guess it’s all about what is familiar to you.

Yum yum box!

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Haley on February 6, 2024

Definitely a family fun experience!

Time to say goodbye

Super Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Susan on February 6, 2024

We have LOVED the monthly subscription from Universal Yums for almost four years. We started the tradition of opening the box together in 2020 as a family and recording our reactions to each item- a fun family night when the world was shut down. We continued through the next 4 years upgrading our subscription and giving it as gifts.

We noticed in the third year that we were revisiting the same countries as the first two years with few additions of snacks. That equates to half of the 42 boxes we’ve bought being repeats. We loved Yum Box so much we held out in hopes that a new year would mean a new lineup.

Alas, the first two boxes of the year had us revisiting Scandinavia for the third time and Poland for the second. We hate to say goodbye, but can’t justify the cost any longer when the boxes are regurgitations of years past. If we hear of new countries being introduced we will be running back to Universal Yums to resubscribe.

So fun

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Meghan on February 6, 2024

My boyfriend and I got this to see what it’s about and we love it! The snacks were sooo yummy and it was so fun to learn about Poland. We can’t wait for next month!

Family Fun

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Mari on February 6, 2024

A great experience to bring the family together! All my kids enjoyed the tasting/rating of the treats even my son that is super picky!

We love it!

Super Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Marisa on February 6, 2024

I stumbled across Universal Yums on accident, and I’m so glad I did! We subscribed to the Super Yums box, and enjoyed our first box from Poland very much! We’re looking forward to getting a new surprise box each month 😀

Poland Box

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Lynnette on February 6, 2024

Awful representation of Poland

1st try-South Korea

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Becky on February 6, 2024

Me and my daughter decided to give this a try. We did South Korea for our first box and although we didn’t enjoy every snack (that has nothing to do with this company, it’s DIFFERENT cultural food which is the purpose of trying) it was great! Shipping, delivery, cute games and score card. Will definitely continue!

it’s ok

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by debra on February 6, 2024

it’s cute and fun but I think I was missing an item or 2. this is our first box so I’m not quite sure

So far so good

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Stacey on February 6, 2024

I got the subscription just to try something new and it has morphed into an adventure with my little godneice. I think she is more excited about reviewing snacks than I am! Part of the exploration is doing the puzzles and trivia. So far so good!!

First box South Korea

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Chelsea on February 6, 2024

Absolutely loved getting our first box. Family of 7 and this was our new family monthly activity to sit and do together and grade the snacks. Our family had so much fun and the kids were so excited to try something new. Can’t wait for next months box to see what new interesting snacks are out there.

No variety

Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Jeanelle on February 6, 2024

I have received 5 months of yums so far and they’re all from neighboring countries…. Czech Republic, Germany, Scandinavia, Poland….. like how about the rest of the world?!?! I’m dying to get a box from somewhere in Asia, maybe even South America. I am very bored and dissatisfied with the countries I received. I really love the idea and concept but if I don’t get a country from a different part of the world next month, I’ll end my subscription.

A very neat gift idea!

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Whitney on January 19, 2024

All my daughter wanted for Christmas was a guitar but I wanted to get something extra. I decided to give her the UY box for a whole year. She loves it and is excited to get a new box each month! So far, only one snack she did not like at all so overall, great value and she gets to learn about different countries at the same time.

Horrible box

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Beth on January 19, 2024

Our first box, Scandinavia was great but we just received Poland and it is terrible. We didn’t like anything that was in the box. We don’t want to cancel but if we get another box this bad it will be our last.


Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Christy on January 19, 2024

Best Choc Marshmallow bar ever.

Fun family activity!

Super Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Lacey on January 19, 2024

We just received our first box. Our kids loved this and my husband and I turned into kids ourselves. We all sat around the table and enjoyed each little treat. After we upgraded to the super yum so we could have a drink as well😁 Awesome idea for kids and adults. Looking forward to cooking dishes from each country to go with our snacks. Thank you! Amazing company!

Christmas Around the World

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Whitney on January 19, 2024

Even though we didn’t like some of the snacks, the experience is so fun! The Christmas Around the World was such a blast for our family at Christmas gathering. Our favorite were the Mocktails and our least favorite was the truffle chips.

South Korea

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Ashley on January 19, 2024

I absolutely loved this box! It was a great and fun variety of snacks! My kids were so excited to try everything and the literature and stickers made it even more fun! I would love to be able to buy an extra box sooner than my next month’s shipment, but I can’t find that as an option. I love this subscription, wish I hadn’t waited so long to sign up!

Yum yum holiday box

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Jessica on January 5, 2024

My family thoroughly enjoyed trying different snacks from different countries. Opening and tasting the many treats from this subscription box was a great family experience and opened the door to fun conversations and learning. So happy we decided to try this!

Best Christmas Gift Ever!!

Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Emersyn on January 3, 2024

Two of our family’s favorite things to do are experiencing new things (especially foods) and traveling/learning about new places, so when I stumbled upon this I knew it would be a Christmas hit! The snacks were so fun and yummy, but I was truly blown away by the care and excellence put into everything we received! From the branding & packaging to the product selection to the trivia and humor written in the copy, I couldn’t have been more excited to share this with my family! This is something we will definitely continue as a whimsical monthly family tradition! Thanks SO much Universal Yums!!


Super Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Alexis on January 3, 2024

The majority of items I received for 3 consecutive months were stale. If more care was put into packaging then items wouldn’t be deflated, broken and lacking quality.

This concern was brought the the attention of customer service who put me through the standard runaround and were borderline rude.

Customers and quality do not come first at this company and I will be switching back to snack crate.

Loved variety

Yum Box (Annual)

Reviewed by Lorielle on December 22, 2023

Good variety and assortment in first box we received. Looking forward to this throughout the year.

Best idea ever

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Melanie on December 22, 2023

I loved my first box. Everything was so delicious. I can’t wait to try my holiday box.

Content/Themes: A+, Variety of Snacks: B-, Shipping: D

Yum Yum Box (Annual)

Reviewed by Liza on December 22, 2023

I have been an annual subscriber since last year for my kids and a gift subscription for my sister’s kids. We schedule a video chat and we enjoy going through the boxes together and ranking the items!

First the great: the materials provided regarding information for each country/box theme is excellent. Whoever puts these together is the reason this stands out from other snack boxes. They are funny and informative.

The ok- the snacks and variety. I realize it is probably difficult for a number of reasons for certain types of snacks not to work in this context. But there are a lot of chips/crisps and gummies. So I’m not sure how accurate a true representation of top popular snacks for a given country.

The poor. I deal with a lot of shipping for work, so hey- stuff happens in the mail. However in the past year between my kids subscription and the gift subscription for my sisters kids (24 boxes total)- 4 have gone missing in shipping. Which means sometimes the box we were supposed to receive is sold out by the time they ship us an alternative. Additionally the shipping times are very inconsistent. Sometimes my sister and I will receive our boxes 2 or 3 weeks apart. And since we do this as a monthly cousins video play date it is hard to schedule (case in point- she received their Holiday Box early last week- a week and a half later, ours hasn’t even shipped yet).

I signed up for another year, but these frustrations make it a bit difficult to justify the cost.

Holidays around the world…

Yum Box (Annual)

Reviewed by Jennifer on December 22, 2023

We loved the Plum Cake and the Mocktail Bonbons!
The Egg Yolk popcorn was weird and we were not very fond of the Raspberry Macaron Truffles.

Awesome Everything!

Super Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Jadon on November 29, 2023

Everything from the snacks to the extras and even the customer service are exceptional. Recommending to all of my family and friends 😁


Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Selena on November 29, 2023

So this is my second time getting a box and the first wasn’t that good but this one I absolutely love some of the things that is in there the only thing I disliked was the dill pickle chips and the popcorn…. My complete favorite would have to be the skull gummies and second the chocolate cookie dough balls… it was a great experience thank you.


Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Kristine on November 29, 2023

I did not care for the items. My second box just shipped. I will decide after I receive this if I’ll cancel or not.

Super Helpful Customer Service

Super Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Alyssa on November 27, 2023

I have recently purchased a box from this company, and when it arrived, the box was damaged and one of the chip bags was ripped open. I went to email the customer support, and they got back to be super quick, within a couple hours. They offered to completely replace the chip bag, and apologized for the damaged conditions of my box. I appreciate how absolutely helpful their support team is 🙂


Super Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Caleb on November 27, 2023


So much fun!

Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Josephine on November 26, 2023

We are family with 6 autistic sons and they love getting this box in the mail each month and trying the new foods! Having picky eaters means new foods can be intimidating but having this practice every month and talking about the country (as well as listening to music from there!) helps to lessen that anxiety. Thanks so much!

Super Yum Box

Super Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Emmalie on November 26, 2023

This is my first box and i chose Greece! Very good, one of my coworkers actually ordered a bunch of the oregano potatoes chips and blames me for her new craving because she is pregnant. I highly recommend!!

Family Time

Super Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Georgana on November 26, 2023

So happy I came across this! Is a great time spent with family exploring. Never know what to expect next, but always exciting. Thanks again! Looking forward to our next country 😀

Not willing to take care of repeat customers

Yum Box (Annual)

Reviewed by Tabatha on November 26, 2023

I order this gift box 12 month subscription each year as a gift for my son for Christmas, I ordered the box in mid November not knowing they would release a Black Friday deal which they were unwilling to honor only two weeks later after spamming me with the emails if the deal for a week straight. I asked if I could cancel and they refused to do a cancellation. Won’t be using this company going forward I will be looking into other options.

Reply from Universal Yums

Sorry you had a bad support experience! Based on your feedback and other customers, we updated our policy this year. For any purchase made less than 7 days before a sale, we will honor the sale price retroactively upon request.

Our support team has offered to refund your purchase or honor the promotion.

Great concept, disappointing flavors

Yum Yum Box (Annual)

Reviewed by Victoria on November 23, 2023

We love the concept of snacks from around the world! Each box includes a variety of sweet and savory items. We generally like trying new things and enjoy unique flavors, but honestly, we were usually very disappointed by the snacks. Not sure if this is reflective of the particular countries or of UY’s selections. Our favorite thing about getting the box each month was reading the pamphlet of cultural information/trivia! We also liked the toys/games, but UY just announced that those won’t be included anymore. (We are a family of 4 with kids ages 9 and 13, and we are at the end of a year’s subscription to the Yum Yum Box.)


Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Lauren on November 12, 2023

Nothing exciting at all. Waste of money.

Reply from Universal Yums

So sorry to hear you did not like your Germany or Scandinavia boxes! We do our best to find interesting flavors and fun snacks. If you have any specific feedback to share please reach out to our support team.

So far it’s Meh

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Shaney on November 9, 2023

First thing we tried was stale. One candy seemed old via its texture. The other thing we tried was okay. Still have 7 more items to try and will update accordingly.

Great family experience!

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Mari on November 1, 2023

We look forward to trying all the new flavors from around the world and doing the fun trivia as a family at the end!


Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by robbin on November 1, 2023

Those Ketchup potato sticks were stale and dry and just horrible! I felt like this box I was ripped off, nothing tasted fresh!


Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Kraud on November 1, 2023

I loved the milk and honey candy and the lemon wafers.


Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Christine on October 19, 2023

Loved almost everything…We had a hard time with the mastic rose toffee. Only thing in the box that we didn’t like. We loved the oregano chips and the baklava the best. However, I brought the toffee to school for my students. Out of 20, 6 loved the toffee, 4 thought it was ok, and 8 didn’t like it. They also tried the pomegranate jelly candy. Only 1 did not like it. They all said it was better than the toffee!! lol They can’t wait to try something from Germany. 🙂

Most of the snacks are pretty much the same

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Mandy on October 19, 2023

I honestly only liked one item total out of 4 boxes. Most of the snacks are extremely similar. How many ketchup flavored chips do I need? Not enough variety and not the greatest quality. Very, very disappointed. I will be canceling after next month’s box.


Super Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Janell on October 19, 2023

My kids and I love getting our monthly boxes!!! There so much fun!!!


Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Nadine on October 9, 2023

Once a month I get with my Niece, daughter-n-love & my sons gfriend. I started ordering this box for us to try together. It is so fun. We have only tried 2 boxes so far and can’t wait to receive our box from Germany this month. I sure hope the famous hippos are in there. We don’t open it until we are all together. I hope we continue to love them.

My order from Indonesia

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Sharita on October 4, 2023

I absolutely loved my first box from Indonesia my favorite thing was the portion size it was very well portioned except for the snacks I love the most of course there’s never enough of that. Though I was very surprised at the portion size was enough I also liked the different flavors different varieties and I also love the best part of the trivia questions and answers and learning what each snack is made with. I’ve tried other companies that put snacks in a box but it doesn’t tell you or give you a description of where the country is from or what type of food you’re exactly eating. Universal Yum‘s do all of that he explains everything and let you know what you’re eating and that’s one of the most important parts of ordering from universal yum! I’m most definitely would highly recommend this to friends and family you can’t go wrong with trying other countries foods. I know I will order again.

So fun

Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Sarah on October 4, 2023

My two boys and I have been enjoying the yumm box for a few years now! We look forward to every month! We always eat the savory snacks first and end with the sweet! I do have to say there have been a few snacks we haven’t enjoyed but that’s the part of the fun! We like reading the info booklet as well!!

Fun for the family

Yum Box (Annual)

Reviewed by Maria on September 28, 2023

We love the Yum boxes and look forward to them every month! My kids grab the globe and we find the country. We eat the snacks and learn about the country with the included brochure. Not only is it a fun family activity every month but my kids have become more adventurous in trying new foods. Win-Win

Pretty decent box

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by James on September 28, 2023

I liked a lot of the snacks and appropriated the mix of sweet and salty snacks. I also loved that they included the soup mix.

Fun surprise

Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Lindsay on September 28, 2023

This is a fun activity our family does together every month. My kids are older teens and they still look forward to doing the snack box together. We have enjoyed most snacks but it’s mostly about the time together that we love

Love Universal Yums, but not the recent changes

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Robin on September 28, 2023

I love and look forward to my monthly box, but I’m not happy with a few changes I’ve seen in 2023. I don’t want non-food items. I subscribe to a snack box, and non-food extras (games, flash cards) will probably end up in my trash. Also, for me, the box is meant to be a treat – for the last few months, there has been an item in each box requiring preparation. I cook a lot, so I’m just not interested in more work. These items are also not what I’d consider a snack either (soup mix, for example?). I still love the snacks, but I’m not liking the recent changes.

We’re In It For the YUMS

Super Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Administrative on September 28, 2023

We love receiving our monthly Super Yum Box and have been customers since December 2020. We share with family and friends often and it’s always a hit. Our only “meh” is the recent addition of non-food items. These items do not ever get utilized by our teenagers. We wish we could opt out, as it seems like a waste of money and resources. We would much rather prefer an option to receive a food-only box, considering that is what we signed up for initially.

Incredible fun

Super Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Tonya on September 28, 2023

My husband and I are long-time subscribers of Universal Yums and we love it! The anticipation every month brings us so much joy and I love sharing new snacks. We have found a few that we so addictive, we order from the Universal Yums store just to keep them stocked. The Super Yum box is a great value and makes a wonderful gift.

Really fun monthly surprise, but I wish I could customize my taste profile

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Rease on September 28, 2023

I love exploring the monthly snacks, but I prefer salty snacks to sweets. Often, I get boxes that are 70% sweets so I end up wasting some snacks. It’d be great to be able to set a preference to have more salty snacks in the mix.

A fun way to explore the world!

Yum Box (Annual)

Reviewed by Emily on September 28, 2023

We love this subscription! It’s been a fun monthly date night for my husband and I. We love to travel but don’t get to as often as we would like to with little kids so this is a good way to learn about other countries and taste their snacks!

Best Monthly Date Night In!

Super Yum Box (Annual)

Reviewed by Camille on September 28, 2023

My partner and I love our monthly Super Yum Box! It’s so fun to sit down and go through our box together as a monthly date night tradition. We always have plenty to share (no fighting over treats), a diverse array of food (no all sugar or all salt boxes), and always learn or eat something new (we rarely see a repeat). We’ve been loving the little bonus activities and items. They’re fun without bringing too much clutter to our house. Our annual subscription is about to renew and we can’t wait for another year of international snacks!

Excellent subscription

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Steve on September 28, 2023

I loved everything about the box. The snacks are good. It’s so much fun trying the snacks from different countries. I look forward to see what comes every month.

Fun, but not very inclusive for vegetarians

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by April on September 26, 2023

The yum box is always a fun delivery to receive and an exciting food adventure to experience for an at-home date night, but dietary restrictions are not taken into consideration when you sign up for the yum box subscription. As a vegetarian, I always find a few things to try, sometimes even the whole box if the country the box is focusing on is big on vegetarian cuisine. However, in almost every box, there is something I cannot try since gelatin and meat products seem to be in a lot of the snacks chosen. If you’re sharing the box with others who have no dietary restrictions, you’ll really enjoy the full experience every month. For my fellow vegetarians out there, come into it knowing you likely won’t be able to try everything… sometimes even 50% of the box.

A Family Affair

Yum Yum Box (Annual)

Reviewed by Iasha on September 26, 2023

My kids love seeing that blue and white box in the mail. I always make them wait until the weekend so the four of us (Mom, Dad, kids) can open it together. We have a system: My eldest daughter, 9, reads aloud (and sometimes sings!) about the snack from the booklet, my other daughter, 6, finds the snack, I record their ratings on the chart and their dad just eats and critiques. After the snacks are done, I give them the trivia questions from the booklet and put the rating card and stickers in my planner. Yes, it’s an event. I love that it’s a fun way to learn about different countries. Plus, there is always a snack we love.
I wish there was an economical way to purchase several boxes for a school club. I teach middle school and it would be fun to create a club about countries around the world and have the snacks once a month.

Super Yum Box

Super Yum Box (Annual)

Reviewed by Elaine on September 26, 2023

Our family loves Universal Yum annual subscription. Boxes are always delivered on time and intact. We love the variety of snacks included!!

I’m sold!

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Amanda on September 26, 2023

I got high one night and signed up for a subscription. I immediately canceled the next day, but since I already placed the order I would get one box. Which I thought was fine. When the box came I opened it with my husband and kids, and I’m was amazed! There was a lot of snacks in the box and there was an excellent select of both sweet and savory items. We all enjoyed the box and talking about the country of origin. I’m sold, it’s a great product and we plan on resubscribing.

3 Year Subscriber

Yum Box (Annual)

Reviewed by Donna on September 26, 2023

For the last 3 years I’ve purchased a monthly Yum box for each of my 3 granddaughters (10, 12 & 14). It is still a highlight of the month for the three sisters! I’m sure when I ask them this year if they want them again, I’ll get a resounding YES!

Great gift!

Yum Box (Annual)

Reviewed by Amy on September 26, 2023

I send these to my college-attending daughters, and they love getting a little “present of snacks” each month! I recommend (although I have never actually received a yum box myself).

Best gift ever!

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Kathleen on September 26, 2023

My nine year old twin grandchildren absolutely love this gift! They look forward to their monthly goodies and learn about the country they come from! My daughter said it’s the best gift to give someone! I did the yearly subscription and when it’s up I will definitely be renewing it! Don’t miss out on putting smiles on your grandkids faces when they get there box with their name on it and know it something especially for them! Since they live out of state this is my way of letting them know Nana is thinking of them!

Fun trivia and tasty snacks

Yum Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by James on September 22, 2023

I’ve enjoyed this subscription immensely! I share it with my family, and it’s always a good time, even when some of the snacks aren’t to our tastes.

A great family Christmas gift

Super Yum Box (Annual)

Reviewed by Tyler on September 18, 2023

We got the subscription as a Christmas gift for our family to share. Each month we get a little surprise box of snacks that we all share together. Now with the inclusion of a drink and lately a toy/activity it’s even more fun. This month’s box, Czech, came with a 3D castle to build while snacking. My 5 year old loved this activity, that and the big bag of monster munch. It really has been one of the best Christmas gifts we have gotten for the family.

So much fun!

Super Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Megan on September 18, 2023

I’ve been subscribing for 5 years and I always look forward to it every month. There is always something new to try and something new to learn. Many pleasant surprises have been found in these boxes; some snacks I was skeptical to try and I ended up loving them. The weirder the better! It’s the highlight of my month!

A great monthly treat

Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Heather on September 18, 2023

This is my favorite subscription service that I’ve tried. I look forward to seeing what country will be featured each week and almost always love the snacks. The information about each country and the stickers and activities are a fun bonus.

Our family time!

Super Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by Sarah on September 18, 2023

We love getting our box in the mail, we use it as an activity we can do together as a family! My son 13, and daughter 9, love the trivia and learning about other countries as well as tasting yummy new foods! We have been subscribed for about 4 years now and we are loving the new additions such as the games and the seasonings/mixes to enjoy together!

First box

Yum Box (Monthly)

Reviewed by betty on September 18, 2023

Some were good some not so good

Fun experience each month!

Yum Box (Annual)

Reviewed by Devin on August 25, 2023

We’ve been subscribed for over two years and look forward to the box each month. The booklet with facts and information about the country is great and we love trying new and unique snacks.