About Us


Hi! We’re Monique and Eli (and this is our crazy cat, Hanner).

We’re the founders of Universal Yums. In early 2014, we met, started dating, and like a lot of people, dreamed of traveling the world together.

We were both working full-time corporate jobs, but together, we had about $4,000 in savings. We thought about using the money to save for a trip around the world. But instead, we decided to use the money to start working on an idea for a new business. We dreamed of creating a box that could take you around the world, and bring the best snacks from a particular country straight to your door.

In October 2014, our idea was brought to life with the launch of Universal Yums.

A few months later, one of our lifelong dreams came true…as we left our corporate jobs to pursue the world of business ownership full time!

Since then, we’ve moved across the country, built a team of people that share our dream, and of course tried so, so many delicious Yums!

It might not be in the way we imagined, but that $4,000 has taken us around the world, in the most fun and delicious way possible!

We can’t wait to continue the adventure with you!