Hi! We’re Monique and Eli, and we’re the owners of Universal Yums. We launched Universal Yums in October 2014, about 7 months after our first date. We were both working corporate jobs in Cincinnati, Ohio, and wanted to do something fun together outside of work. Specifically, we wanted to travel the world together. But vacation days were limited and so were our finances. So we thought, “Why not bring the world to us?”. And that’s how Universal Yums got started.

On our first day in business, we had 6 people sign up. They were all friends and family members.

Most people would be disappointed, but we were elated! Because from the beginning, we’ve only had one goal: we want our snack boxes to be the most fun, educational, and yummy thing you’ve ever gotten in mail. It doesn’t matter if we have 6 or 6 million customers – we want everyone to have a great experience trying unique snacks from different countries.

There are a lot of subscription boxes out there, but we try to be different. We work diligently to put together the best box we can – representative of the flavors typically eaten by locals in the country. We research each country extensively and provide a detailed information card with facts about the country and each snack. We respond to each and every email and always try to be available to answer any questions. And of course, both of us taste a whole bunch of snacks before deciding which to include in the boxes (it’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!).

Those first 6 customers loved their box (of course, they had to, since they were our friends), but we’re fortunate that many others have loved their Yums too. We hope you’ll join them, and us, on this global snack adventure.

We’d like to think that it’s just getting started.