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Popcorn Flavored Truffles

Rich French truffles with roasty popcorn bits.

2 Pack | 1.2 oz
Decadent chocolate truffles filled with crunchy bits of caramelized popcorn will impress...well, everyone!
French Snacks

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Ingredients: Vegetable Fats (Coconut, Palm Kernel), Sugar, Low Fat Cocoa Powder, Whey, Popcorn (Popped Corn, Sugar, Sunflower Oil, Glucose Syrup, Salt), Cocoa Powder, Soy Lecithin.

Contains:  MILK, SOY.
May contain traces of wheat, egg, tree nuts (almonds, hazelnut, pistachios, hickory, sheanut).

14 Reviews

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I absolutely love these! They are… just perfect. Not all that sweet, slightly salty, with a good crunch, something you like but can not quite place. Fantastic!


These are fantastic, the chocolate is super smooth and perfectly sweet and the added popcorn gives it just the right amount of salty crunch. We devoured them and want more but can’t find them anywhere.

Erin, El Cajon, CA

My husband and I loved these. Perfect combo. I want more of these!

Rochelle, Spokane, WA

These popcorn truffles are out of this world. Please bring them back!!!!!

Brieanna, Gunnison, CO

Absolute crack chocolate. It’s literally like lightly burnt popcorn and chocolate. Incredible!!!

Jessamy, Belleville, IL

Strange, but enjoyable. Probably my favorite from the Holiday yum box.

Hailey, Salt Lake City, UT

Truffles and popcorn together? Who knew it would equal deliciousness. Creamy and crunchy rich chocolate sweetness. Yum yum.

Denise, Fountain Valley, CA

We were pleasantly surprised by these truffles! We didn’t expect to like them, but they were our favorite part of the box! They texture is lovely and the flavor is perfect.

Laura, Le Roy, NY

Great popcorn flavor and the truffle melts in your mouth!

amanda, Little Rock, AR

This was my favorite item in the holiday box! The popcorn pieces in it weren’t overly necessary, but they didn’t affect the deliciousness of the truffle either. Melt in your mouth goodness!!!

Rachel, Chandler, AZ

I believe I have just tasted snack Nirvana! These popcorn flavored chocolate truffles from France were amazing!!! I was sad when they were gone! 😋😍👍

Todd, Bay City, MI

These were a surprise favorite from my Yum Yum box! A touch crunchy with a really good popcorn flavor. The sweet and salty mix is great!

Meghann, Plainfield, OH

I liked the product overall, but popcorn in a truffle is weird

Melissa, Cameron, MO

These tasted what I assume a fart would taste like.

Sakib, Falls Church, VA
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