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Sour Gummy Bites

Sweet and sour Czech chews.

2 Pack | 3.2 oz

Super chewy candies with some positively fruity flavor.

Czech Republic Snacks

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2 Pack

$2.30 per pack


Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Cornstarch, Wheat Flour, Water, Vegetable Oils (Palm, Palm Kernel, Shea, Coconut), Dextrose, Acids (Citric Acid, Malic Acid), Gelatin, Glycerin, Sodium Citrate, Mono- And Diglycerides, Natural And Artificial Flavors, Turmeric (Color), Carnauba Wax, Fruit And Vegetable Juice For Color, Spirulina Extract.

Contains:  WHEAT.

2 Reviews

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So good!!! Twizzler/pixie sticks reminder!

Samantha, Blackstone, MA

One of the coolest candies I have tried in a long time. Highly addicting!

Catherine, New York, NY
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