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Sour Cherry Hard Candies

These candies are seriously sour! Think you can handle them?

Single Pack | 2.1 oz

Pucker up for this sour-lover's dream come true!

French Snacks

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Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Citric Acid, Artificial Flavors, Fruit And Vegetable Juice For Color.

May contain traces of wheat.

6 Reviews

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I love these so much! They’re very sour, but that makes getting to the sweet center fun! Hope these come back soon! I can’t find them anywhere else! (At least nowhere they’re not way too expensive.)

Morgan, HELLAM, PA

Awesome flavor! The upfront hit of ultra-sour is wild and fun but you then get intense real cherry flavor rather than fake medicinal cherry.


My fiance and I both absolutely loved these. The sourness is definitely top notch and the cherry flavor is amazing

Gabrielle, STOYSTOWN, PA

These are like a warhead combined with a cherry Ludens throat lozenge…. In a good way!!


I love cherry flavors but not big on sour. This was absolutely horrendous! I couldn’t get passed the outer layer of sour and some cherry b4 it went to the trash. Use this to torture me if you must.


If you love sour, this is a candy for you! It was not, for me. The outside is a SUPER shock of sour. Once you get past all the sour, the center of the candy isn’t that bad and is rather sweet!

Hailey, Saint Albans, ME
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