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Fried Egg & Sea Salt Flavored Chips

The fresh-from-the-pan Spanish favorite.


2 Pack | 1.4 oz

Imagine the perfect fried egg. Now, imagine that exact flavor in a potato chip. It's that good.


Spanish Snacks

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Ingredients: Potato, Sunflower Oil, Seasoning (Dextrose, Salt, Monosodium Glutamate, Autolyzed Yeast Extract, Natural Flavor, Silicon Dioxide).

4 Reviews

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I haaaaate that these are soooo expensive for such a small bag but they’re sooooo good and literally worth it now I wish they would have had these the last time I ordered

Monique, Brooklyn, NY

Sounded like a really strange flavor but it’s actually amazing. I wish they came in an even bigger bag. Perfect amount of salty goodness

Kathy, San Bruno, CA

So good! Tastes exactly like what it says it is, in the most unexpectedly delicious way.

Natasha, Pasadena, CA

We have been getting subscription boxes for about 6 months and by far, this was our favorite product. It tastes just like eating a delicious fried egg white. You yummy, we ended up ordering more.

Robin, Worcester, MA
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