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Clotted Cream Fudge

The UK classic in its fudgiest form ever.

2 Pack
| 5.3 oz
What do you get when super-soft fudge meets the UK's creamiest spread? Pure, unmatched bliss.
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2 Pack

$3.30 per pack

Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Sweetened Condensed Skim Milk (Skim Milk, Sugar, Lactose), Water, Corn Flour, Cream, Whey, Corn Flour, Dextrose, Salt, Natural Flavors.

4 Reviews

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I loved these. My daughter tasted it first before I did. She told me it was so tasty. I gave it a try and was like good find. Gotta order more now!!

Amelia, Converse, TX

These had a really great flavor with all of the warm spices in it, but the texture was off. They were crumbly instead of soft and smooth.

Meghann, Plainfield, OH

These are awesome! Loved them so I ordered several packs by themselves.

Mary, Springfield, MO

I suspect that the flavor may be one that grows on you, but for this unfamiliar palate it wasn’t the best, and the chalky texture of the candy (it crumbled more than melted) didn’t add to its appeal.

Angela, Wake Forest, NC
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