A Gift for the Whole Family

Whether it’s finding a new way to teach world history to your middle schooler or showing your college grad how proud you are, this box turns every gathering into a special occasion. Even through the busy days of work, studying, soccer games, and school plays, this fun-filled (and food-filled) box brings the whole family together, every month.

Family Night in a Box

Be the hero of family night! You’ll play fun games and explore challenging trivia—all while eating your way through authentic and delicious snacks from around the world.

Just Ask These Families

“My children absolutely love it, learning about new places and trying new things. It’s something we all look forward to every single month.”
Ryan A. Deckard

“When I get our family together for our monthly Universal Yums fix I cook a dinner that represents the country our snacks came from. ”
Josey Cook

“Our 4-year-old tries everything and always has a favorite. We love the fact that we can do this as a family, or even as a unique date for mom and dad.”
Cori Alexandra Trumbull

What’s in a box?

A tasty trip

Travel to a different country each month… with your mouth!

Trivia & games

Play trivia, learn snack history, and enjoy interactive games as our 12+ page booklet guides your journey.

Earth’s hidden snack gems

We found Sweden’s best kept secret (Cookie Dough Truffles) and Taiwan’s most addicting snack (Egg Yolk Popcorn).

Best. Gift. Ever.